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We started ArtyParty with the aim to provide a space for everyone regardless of age to have lots of fun and build creative confidence!

Remember when you were a kid? You had almost no worries and it was all about making the most of each day. Being an adult means life is filled with commitments and responsibilities, and these demands can often leave us feeling stressed out daily. During your visit with us, we hope to help individuals rediscover their inner child with us and to reminisce the fun of being a kid again!

Inspiration is contagious and even more so when evoked in an environment where individuals can relate to one another playfully and entertainingly – importantly to create fond memories with friends and family! Be your very own Picasso, embrace your inner creativity and be amazed at the sense of satisfaction that stems from forming something distinctive with your own hands!

Sensory art consists of specific art activities that relate to your child’s senses such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. By providing a variety of sensory play activities your child will naturally learn how to explore, investigate and create. The experience of exploration brings an appreciation for the various materials that are being used and what can be done with them. These are the beginning steps to raising creative thinkers of the future! 


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